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Code of Conduct

ICG believes Company governance is the approach to directing member of company toward maintaining and improving trust and confidence, market position and shareholder value.

The Business Code of Conduct sets out the Company’s operating principles and values to reinforce the corporate culture of caring and addressing issues of law, ethics, risks and fairness in all of business relationships.

It involves a balanced approach of sound social, environmental and commercial behaviors, fully committed to ensuring all business practices meet high ethical, professional and legal standards consistent with good company governance and risk management practices.

At ICG, business affairs are conducted in a transparent, accountable and responsible manner duly reflecting the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Honest dealing with customers is essential to sound, lasting relationships and each member company provides customers with goods and services hallmarked by reliability, quality and care. Every effort is directed toward meeting the customer's needs with professionalism and integrity.
In addition, the Company's strict position on the engagement of third-party representatives ensures business integrity is not compromised.