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Philosophy & Commitment

Company Philosophy

The company's operating philosophy sets the standards of company behavior, performance and management style by which each member of the company conducts its business activities.

Acting on our commitment

The standard for company behavior that we commit to is detailed in our Company Commitment and Philosophy and our Code of Conduct. As well as nurturing a culture based on these principles, we provide a structure of internal control. At all levels of the business, systems are in place to ensure accountability and transparency.

Our Company Philosophy

  • Autonomy Flexibility through prudent dependence.
  • Customer needs Customers are the basis of our existence.
  • Environment Environmental consciousness ensures our future.
  • Growth Stagnation equals decline.
  • Management There is always able people behind an able person.
  • People Motivated talent is vital to success.
  • Performance Profits provide rewards and future resources.
  • Planning and control Chance favors the prepared.
  • Quality Achieve excellence by avoiding the average.
  • From the best and truth, through an innovation and a professionalism, fight to be the best.
  • Committing to bring worth to the life of all people.
  • Togetherness spirit to gain a noble aim which is leading to a better life.

Company Core Values:

  • Delighting customers  - ICG  will always focus on satisfaction of customers. ICG prioritizes in giving rather than asking.
  • Trusting in partnership - Once you become ICG's client, ICG will be your trusting partner. ICG will foster friendship and teamwork.
  • Delivering quality - ICG emphasizes in delivery of products with excellent quality. Through the work of ordinary people ICG focuses on great results.
  • Innovating continuously - ICG will always be creative in thinking. Employees at ICG are doing the extraordinary as we are aiming to be the first in the market. We are also pursuing to be the product company.
  • Building learning community - It is ICG's aim that throughout every level, each critical personnel are dares to decide. Employees of ICG are encouraged to continuously learning while doing. At the same time they are highly aware of the quick changes. Therefore it is also important to keep the minds open for inputs and criticisms.
  • Being simple and humble - 'Down to earth' philosophy will always be the characteristics of each ICG employee while at the same time they are full of excitement for innovation. Honesty and sincerity are required to become the member of ICG community. 

Company Commitment

  • To be a leading provider within regional ASIA of quality products and services dedicated to fulfilling customer needs with professionalism and integrity.
  • To maintain an environment that attracts, develops, retains, rewards and motivates talent and productivity.
  • To establish environmental excellence in all our business enterprises and actively promote environmentally responsible behavior at all levels of our organizations and in our customers, suppliers and principals.
  • To strive for an outstanding corporate and individual behavior to maintain lasting trust and confidence of our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • To maintain a level of profitability that sustains growth, ensures quality and provides generous rewards to staff and an adequate return to shareholders.